The most important tourists attraction of the region is the Ślęża mountain and the Landscape Park of Ślęża.

The Ślęża mountain raises up from the Silesian Lowland and is surrounded by many lower ascents (Radunia, Gozdnica, Wiezyca). It was a place of cults, probably already since 1300 before Christ.

It is possible to get the Ślęża mountain top using three tourists tracks: red one, yellow or blue. You can use the bicycle also. There are Old-Slavic cult sculptures on the tracks: a monk and a virgin with fish.

At the top of the mountain there is a building of Television Transmission Station located with a Television Mast. The tourists are expected by the hostel.

Other interesting places:

  • Palace of Krzyżowa - place of International Foundation for European Consensus,
  • The Castle of Książ - the pearl of the Lower Silesia region, the third largest castle in Poland
  • Świdnica
    • Church of Peacae (UNESCO World Heritage List).
    • Old town
    • Town hall